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Barrie Trower on 5G

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Barrie Trower explains about 5G, smart meters, wifi, politics...

Industry should be taken responsible for the disease and death that will happen.

In 1999, 375 top companies in the microwave industry got together and decided to go wireless.

Let's not bother with cables.

2.4 Gigahertz was the frequency they chose.

It's the choice of stealth microwave warfare industry. It's the most effective weapon.

Cancers increasing. 42% of the planet are controlled by 20 powerful people (governmental advisors, government scientists). That's where we live.

How it increases inflammation, how anyone can tap into your house, computer, telephone to get information even through the smartmeter net.

Barrie is trying to bring charges of genocide in the world court.

2.4 giga hertz to 70-80 giga hertz: a lot interact with circadian rhythms in the body, with cellular structure. It will cause massive damage to the body, without a shadow of a doubt.

At the far end of the spectrum of 5G there is the frequency of a new weapon nicknamed Growler, designed for rapid and severe neuro and physiological damage for crowd control. And the damage may go to generations.

All this information can be tapped by anyone. It can be use to harm you or to spy on you.

Smart technology:
- smartmeters will set up a wifi mesh, like a fishing net through every single building for a whole district, where everyone can tap into it, because it's wifi.

- governmental organizations, foreign government, hackers etc can be hacked. They know about how many people in your house, what is being said, what room you are in, no privacy anymore.

How can you sue your neighbors for property devaluation due to installing cell phone antennas...

"Any radiation builds up in the body".

"Industrial genocide supported by governments"

"All life forms have the same 4 chemical bases - tree, bacteria, humans, insects... "

Any living thing will be harmed.

All microwaves damage all living tissue: we're damaging every life being, such as insects.
Like pollinating insects.

Soil microorganisms are dying.

A whole mountain range in Australia is dead. Trees are dying. They put up transmitters. It took just 18 months for that to happen. There's a paper on that.

17 trillion dollars industry: but where are you going to live with a dead planet?

We're affecting the ocean creatures, the atmosphere...