Barite experiment

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Barite experiment

Day 1: I bought 5 kg of barite (rose barite, white color) from Morocco.

I separated the 5kg in 4 glasses, and placed on the windows, direction town center (where most cell phones are).

I also placed one near the computer, and am carrying 2 stones in my pocket.

I must say it feels like a strong grounding feeling.

I heard of barite from a nurse, who said in all hospitals and facilities that's got Xray or MRI devices here in Switzerland, there are big barite stones inside.

I googled it for a while, and indeed, there are a lot of references of barite used in the industry and medical field.

It does not cost much, and therapists are starting to use it more and more here in Switzerland (it is still shy though).

the feeling is amazingly grounding.

Very good.

So there I go tonight, to try to sleep in an electromagnetic polluted place, to test how deep I sleep.

It usually takes me a week to fall ill (if I sleep in a polluted place). I fall ill with anything, infections, usually, but overall, it can be anything. My health collapses after about a week, without doubt, if I sleep in my old polluted bedroom.

I'll let you guys know.

Anyone here already uses barite at home / office / car???
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Re: Barite experiment

I tried many stones already, black tourmaline, crystals, amethysts...

I haven't got any deep help from these.

The feeling of grounding with barite is pretty intense, I wonder if I will be able to sleep.

Here is some info in German (one can do a google translate)
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Re: Barite experiment


The baryte - a natural radiation protection and healing stone


The baryte, also called barite, is a common mineral that has a crystalline rhombic structure, a high density of 4.5 and a very high barium content.

These properties cause it to swallow and neutralize harmful rays, thus causing i.a. to shield against electrosmog and div. terrestrial radiation.

Compared with other minerals, the baryte has the great advantage that it destroys the rays energetically or neutralizes them, but does not charge itself with these energies.

Thus, it does not need to be cleaned or recharged.

In industry, the barite is admixed with the concrete for absorption of radioactive rays, e.g. in reactor construction (nuclear power plant).

Also in the field of X-ray equipment or generally as radiation protection and even as a contrast agent in medicine and research, the baryte performs well.

Radiation protection for home and office:

5 kilos of barite are able to protect an apartment energetically.

The baryte neutralizes and absorbs the electromagnetic radiation (electro-smog) from computers, cell phones, printers, electrical appliances, etc. and also shields earth, water, ultraviolet and radioactive rays.

Particularly good results are reported by persons with sleep disorders when used in the sleeping area.

A piece of barite under the bed near the feet or at power outlets can create restful nights.

 At work, a piece near the seat or a flatterer in your pocket can bring relief to both body and mind.

The following effects are said to the baryte from a stone-healing point of view:

Physically: - softens throat infections with swollen tonsils

- relieves symptoms that are mainly caused by heat and radiation damage such as
 Headache, burns, sunburn, skin diseases, eye irritation, nausea, etc.

- Helps with lymph node swelling in the ear area and tinnitus

- is used to treat fungal infections of nails and toes

- strengthens memory and vitality, even in old age

- helps with fatigue and decreasing efficiency

- can alleviate or repair joint, back, abdominal and rheumatic pains

- has a body detoxifying and detoxifying effect

Mental: - relieves grief and coping with crisis situations

- promotes self-confidence, motivation and independence

- helps with shyness and feelings of inferiority

- free inside and help to find a firm position

- helps eliminate obsessions

- protects against negative influences of other people

- grounds well and gives grip and safety

to note:

Since the baryte is an intensive healing stone on different levels, sensitive people can first feel strong reactions when using the stone.

 In the case of shielding rooms from electro-smog, they will lead to an initial aggravation of well-being until the body has become accustomed to the new low-radiation environment.

It occurs frequently and is mined worldwide. Our barite comes from the Black Forest.



The baryte has a very important task for health and well-being for all of us today.

In addition, since he does not swallow positive rays, this makes him all the more valuable in the protective behavior towards humans, animals and plants.