Anyone from Europe to co-create EMF safe housing in Portugal?

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Anyone from Europe to co-create EMF safe housing in Portugal?


after two months in Germany working and living in a "funkloch" (valley without mobile mast reception) my health improved dramatically. Back in my urban environment near Lisbon, Portugal my health went down fairly quickly to a stable low level; good enough to survive but far from "vibrant and inspiring".

Kids that stayed for a few days in a wired Internet environment lost all traces of ADHD or bad behavior. Truly inspiring to see.

Plan is to go rural, not too far from the big city, but away from power-lines and mobile masts; create housing with Wired Internet both for residential use, holidays and for healing retreats.
Not primitive; modern day comfort like flushing toilets, well insulated housing and double glazing; WIFI only in carefully designated and limited areas away from bedrooms.

A place to work and be in nature with a carpentry, healing spaces, room for creativity and healthy playgrounds for kids.

For reasons of long term security not promoted (too much) as EHS safe...
Just exclude the common dangers by using the right wiring techniques without highlighting the ideas behind it too much.

Ideas for realization or co-creation are welcomed.