Anybody Interested In Testing C60 For ES?

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Anybody Interested In Testing C60 For ES?

Some of you probably know that the latest research is showing that ES is caused by free radicals.  Microwaves mess with the voltage gated calcium channel in cells causing a flood of calcium ions which in turn causes a cascade of free radicals to be produced.

Carbon 60 is the most powerful antioxidant known and has been shown to prevent death in 15% of rats exposed to normally lethal levels of X-rays.  Another study used a lower exposure of radiation where 37% of control rats died.  C60 dosed rats had a 95% survival rate.

With 5G coming, I think more people are going to fall ill to ES.

If you are interested, is offering a huge discount only to people on these forums.  The point is to see if Carbon 60 Olive Oil helps reduce or eliminate ES symptoms.  We only ask that you post your results on this forum so that others might benefit.

If you take up the offer, start dosing at 5ml (1 tsp or about 6 dropperfuls) twice per day for at least a week.  If you don't notice any effects, increase the dose.  Carbon 60 has been well studied and determined to be non-toxic.  Some people take an entire bottle in a single day with no ill effects.

There are tons of other benefits to C60 OO. Most are backed only by animal studies at this time.  Check out for more info with links to the studies.

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