Alternative to the Apple Pencil?

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Alternative to the Apple Pencil?

I think the two main pencils are the one from Apple, which uses bluetooth, and said to be the best for drawing, and the S-Pen, used for example in the Galaxy Tab S4, which doesn't need to be recharged and it's probably better for taking notes.

The S-Pen doesn't use bluetooth, as far as I know it relies on magnetic field.

I never used the S-Pen, so I can't comment if it has lag or it's less accurate than the Pencil, which is smooth and very precise. I use the iPAD Pro 10.5 (256 GB wifi+cel).

Samsung also released a S-Pen version which uses bluetooth, for the Galaxy Note 9.

I recorded a video showing the Apple Pencil emits a lot of RF radiation when being used.

It's measured with the Cornet ED88T+ and the Acoustimeter.

Since I want to leave wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular data (all 3) turned off in my iPAD I am thinking in doing one of the two:

- Using a normal pen (this one I'll do some research if there are good choices)


- Investing in the Galaxy Tab S4 with the S-Pen.

I appreciate if someone can comment on this 2nd choice. Unfortunately I never had anything from Samsung, so I have no idea how the two pencils compare. Or how it is the magnetic field from the Tab.

I know that iOS has a good app support, and it's probably better for the Pencil in terms of apps, too. Since I use mostly to take notes (not for drawing) this question is crucial.

I may sell my Apple Pencil just like I did with the Airpods. I don't want unnecessary radiation here.