15 minute video about ES with a Canadian researcher

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15 minute video about ES with a Canadian researcher


1st minute is in German, but all the 14 minutes is in English.

Very easy to understand, a sort of good summary of what is the situation of ES, different types of e-smog...

MS patients getting worse with e-smog.

Titanium implants, aluminum, amalgams in the mouth makes an antenna effect (dr. Klinghardt).

Detox pathways are blocked.

they talk about how short memory lost due to e-smog.

35% of the whole population seems affected.

Heart symptoms and ES: you feel like you're going to have a heart attack.

You can actually increase in the heart rate with most patients clearly when smart meters are installed.
Also cholesterol increases with cholesterol, and drop in an Esmog free environment.

fluorescent light bulbs in ES people: 80% cannot tolerate them.

Energy saving compact light bulbs emit Radio Frequencies, dirty electricity, and Ultra violet radiation.

You are not supposed to sit less than 2 feet near one of these bulbs, according to CAnadian health authorities.

If you use it on your desk, don't stay there more than 3 hours (according to the health authority).

This is the woman's homepage with lots of info (and no products to sell).